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For her size and activity level I wouldn't suggest going lower than 12-13% fat overall, and she may need higher than that. So that takes the Innova and Wellness Healthy Weight off the list. Of the remaining two I would personally go with Solid Gold and Natural Balance. Wellness can be hit or miss, some hedgehogs will have minor poop problems from it, not just from the transition but something about the Wellness doesn't sit well with them sometimes. For others it's fine. So my suggestion would be to start out with one of those two (Solid Gold or Natural Balance), see how she likes it and how she does with the 12% fat content for a few weeks. Once she's fully transitioned to that first food, for long enough to see how it affects her weight and for her stomach to settle, you can decide to either add the second one, thereby keeping the mix at a total of 12% fat, or choose one that's slightly higher in fat if you feel that 12% isn't enough for her. Once you get her on two foods, and see how she does with those, you can consider adding a third. It's easiest to use equal portions of each - that makes it easier to be able to calculate the overall fat and protein, especially. I personally like having foods with different protein sources - the Natural Balance is duck and the Solid Gold is lamb, so if you add a third you could use a chicken option, or there are some turkey options also. (Fish is also a choice but can sometimes contribute to the odor of their poop.) I suggest using some probiotic (Benebac or acidophilus) on the food every day during the transition to help with digestive upset from it.

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