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Default Re: Frequent nose licking?

It's hard to know for sure. All hedgehogs lick their noses a little, what's normal and what's a symptom depends on the individual hedgehog. What you describe sounds like what is normal for some hedgehogs (some hedgehogs do lick their noses more right when they wake up) but since you're saying it's a new behaviour it could be a problem. A vet visit is always a good idea when you are in doubt. Right now it's not obviously a problem so it's really about your gut instinct. For now you should at least keep an eye on her and make sure it doesn't get worse. Listen to her breathing and make sure it sounds normal, watch to see if she starts sneezing or if you see bubbles coming from her nose, those would all be further signs that she has a URI and then for sure you would need to see a vet.

Also think about anything that may have changed recently, did you take her out earlier than normal on the days when you noticed the nose licking? Is she drinking and eating, did you give her a bath or did she get water in her nose from her dish? Is it warmer or colder or more/less humid in your home recently?

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