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Default Re: Thinking about getting a Hedgie, but have some q's

I'll add my two cents. It's personal preference. Are you a night person, then yes. Do you want something that sleeps in your lap while you do things, then yes. You can also use a "baby" pouch to help you bond while your at home.

I play with my bird and geckos between 7-11pm and then my hedgehog after that. Mornings are for spot cleaning cages, cleaning the wheel/litter pan, spraying water in the geckos and red-eyed tree frogs cages, changing out water dishes and fresh foods in all and then checking the cricket/mealworm/waxworm cages for water gel and food.

I personally like the fleece. Mimzy usually uses the wheel and litter pan (lined with paper towels). She only sometimes poops on the fleece. Easy to spot clean with a baby wipe. Sometimes, her poop will stink and sometimes not. I guess it depends on what she's been eating.

Mimzy is grumpy when I first wake her up but she gets over that quick - and she is doing her 8 wk quilling! I spot clean spines too.

It all depends on what you will put up with and it sounds like you've had reptiles and small animals b4 - so good luck!

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