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Default Re: Thinking about getting a Hedgie, but have some q's

I found that with the fleece, Auri's cage smelled far better and it was easier to clean. You save money by being able to wash the fleece vs buying bags of bedding. I don't recommended the shavings, as they can get caught in bad places and can also harbor mites. With Auri, I put a cookie sheet ($1 at walmar) under her wheel with some paper towels, and when she poops/pees on her wheel, I found that the tray catches it just fine. She rarely, if ever, poops on the actual fleece itself.

As far as temperament - some can be cuddly, and some can be huffy. Each hog has their own personality - and it's not likely to change because you want it to :P

How are you with temperatures? They constantly have to be at 72-80 degrees F or they will attempt hibernation and that is not good for them.

Cage wise, they need a hide away, and a wheel (I have a 12inch wheel and an igloo) - some can use water bottles, while other prefer bowls. As for their food, some of the foods are expensive to get, but last a while considering they only need to eat about 2 tbsp of food a day. I use a smart pet rabbit cage for Auri - she likes it, but I feel it's a bit small, so we will be building her a C&C cage soon. They cannot be in wire cages if there isn't a solid bottom and sides that they cannot climb, and solid glass tanks are terrible for them because of bad ventillation. If you have the time, building the C&C is best

And as a typical pet owner, you know that hedgies require the same amount of attention and love as a cat or a dog would. They have vet bills, and they aren't very willing to tell you when something is wrong! They are nocturnal, so if you're never around at night, or can't give them their attention when they are willing to be awake, a different pet option might be best!

Good luck!
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