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Default Re: Thinking about getting a Hedgie, but have some q's

Hm, either or works for me. I have some sterelite bins left from when I kept snakes in them, before I built my display cage- I will take a look at the example thread! I'm glad to hear there are various options- I've been tossing between sugar gliders, hedgies and a few other things, but sadly my ferret cage won't fit in my room with the arrangement I am in now, so large/medium exotics are out for now!

I'm a bit biased against fleece, to be honest. I found it smelled worse, and was harder to spot clean, because my rats (the animals I had with the fleece) would go all over it and didn't like their litter box. I'd also like to allow for natural burrowing behavoiur. I would not be averse to trying it at first to see how it works out and keeping if it does though!

The behavour definately sounds like a mix of cat and skink, haha! Misha will come out and settle on me but she doesn't NEED it. This is the part that goes most into consideration for me, especially right now. I love the lil guys but are we compatible at this point in my life, is the big question!

I hope to hear more input to steer me one way or another!
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