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Default Re: mom & babies have mites...need help!

I can't think of any other options. You can't dump out the substrate or thoroughly clean the cage without disturbing the nest. You theoretically could treat the mom, that's your call - I wouldn't risk it, personally. Waiting until the babies are weaned would be fine for the mom, since an adult hedgehog isn't going to be in dire danger even from a bad case of mites. However, I have no idea whether leaving the babies until then would put them at risk. Mites feed on the skin or hair/quill follicles, so they're not really sucking blood like some other parasites. I know fleas or ticks can be devastating to baby animals (puppies, kittens) if they aren't dealt with because they suck the blood and can cause anemia, etc. I haven't dealt with this in particular, so as far as how mites would affect babies that young, I have no idea. Hopefully someone else can comment on that part.

Babies shouldn't be treated for mites until after they're weaned, which occurs at 5-6 weeks old, and they should also be 150g at an absolute minimum. Myself, I don't feel comfortable treating them until they're closer to 200g. At 200g, the dose is about half a drop.

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