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**** I do not normally frequent these forums but I am in some serious help right now. I have a 3 year old hedgehog girl that has been completely healthy. Lately she has been eating fine, color looks fine, pee and poop look fine, but the only unusual thing I have seen lately is she hasn't been running that much on her wheel at night. Her last bath was last weekend. She was dirty tonight so I went to give her a bath and there is this HORRIBLE looking patch of skin on her. it is bloody looking, some quills came off around the area when I tried to gently brush at it with her brush *there was like poop and quills stuck together around it so i brushed them off* and i do have some pictures but i wont upload immediately because im trying to get some answers as fast as possible. what could have happened? I have no idea how she could have cut herself or something could have cut her. the patch of skin is on the lowest part of her right next to her tail, where the soft skin and quills divide. Does anyone have any idea what this might be or what I can do?! Im really worried about her. I will say this though, i CANNOT take her to a vet right now. I think that might be the answer a lot of people give me but for a lot of reasons that just physically isnt possible to do today or tomorrow and im trying to get some answers, can anyone help me? I cant tell if she is actively bleeding from it or what exactly it is, she freaks out when i go near it. How can i help her, she uses paper bedding, should i be having her lie in towels for the next few days? if its a scrap or something how do i help it heal or is it something much worse? If you need the pictures uploaded I can, but they are really gross looking.... PLEASE HELP ME! THAnk you so much for anyone that can help
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