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Default Re: CHE wattage and dome concerns for this cage?

Its okay sparkmanr I appreciate you trying to help. I just need some solid info on which to choose as you said those bulbs are not cheap so thats why I need to know which bulb to choose to avoid not letting my new little girl getting too hot. I have in mind the 8.5 inch ceramic heat dome along with the 60 Watt CHE or should I get the 10 inch dome and the 100 Watt CHE but what if she gets too warm? Wouldn't the smaller dome and bulb be sufficient and maybe a heating pad wrapped in a towel on low heat placed under her igloo be okay? I just really hope someone gives me some help before this Saturday because thats when I will be placing my Amazon order and then it will be too late to change my mind.. But thank you for your help anyway. I know I have watched all of quality quills videos on youtube and she has a pretty big c&c cage and if I'm mistaken she looks like she has at the minimum a 8.5 dome but she didn't state what wattage her CHE was..maybe I should watch it again..but I'm thinking a huge dome and I high wattage CHE with that cage size is going to make her too warm and I def don't want that!
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