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Default Re: CHE wattage and dome concerns for this cage?

Well as you can tell I'm not expert. I've only had Milo for a few weeks now and he's my first hedge but from what I read I would think that a 75 to 100 watt would be the one you would want to go with. That's a guess. You may want to wait and see what someone else suggests or start with the 75 and see how it heats it up and test it and if it's not warm enough then bump up to the 100w. I know those bubs can be high dollar though too so you might want to wait for more sound advice. And the dome, I would go with the mid range sized dome. I have a C&C cage for my little guy and I think that's what I'm going to go with. If the cage is long I would think about buying two to put at both ends of the cage. I'm not good with imagining how big this thing is. I would think maybe using two smaller lamps would be best or one large one. Okay now I'm just guessing and rambling and you really need someone who knows this stuff to answer you. Sorry. I know I wasn't much help.

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