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Default Re: CHE wattage and dome concerns for this cage?

I have read all the heating threads but nothing really answered my particular question. I need to know which ceramic heat dome to purchase for example 5, 8, 10 inches and what CHE bulb wattage to get 75-250Watt I realize I need a thermostat (like I said I've been doing my homework and I'm also a bit of a lurker) I also have purchased a digital thermometer that measures the cage temp by a probe attached to it that I will be placing in her cage but it would serve no purpose if I don't know what wattage of CHE to purchase.. I'm still researching on heating but nothing is really coming up..I am also going to purchase a thermostat to hook to my CHE but I couldn't get it with this particular Amazon order (my total is already 185$!) thats why I bought the digital thermometer for safe measure until I can afford the thermostat..I'm sorry if I seem persistent but I just want to make sure I have everything ready for my little girl when she does arrive.
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