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Default Re: CHE wattage and dome concerns for this cage?

You need to purchase a seperate thermostat for the hedgies cage or one to put right next to it. I bought one at Walmart and I keep it right next to his cage. If I think inside may be a different temp I will lay the thermastat in the cage for a minute. It shows the high and low temps for that day and the humidity levels as well, that would be the actual temp your hedgie is feeling. Depending on where the cage is in the room the actual temp could be quite different from what your thermostat on the wall states.

Heat wise I know most of the people on here use CHE's or space heaters with thermostat controls to make sure the heat stays purfect. We keep our house at 75 right now and Milo does great with that but I will probably have to get a CHE when it starts to really get cold because it might be expensive to heat the entire house that temp. Right now we are still on AC. Anyway, There is a thread on here about heating and it's really good and explains all. I'm sure one the Admin's could post the direct link to it if you can't find it.

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