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Default Hello From a mostly Cold-blooded keeper!

I admit I missed the introductions forum since it's placed at the bottom of the page.

Hello, I'm Elena. I'm a college junior English/Biology double major that has worked with many animals over the years. I have had dogs and cats since birth, and have been mucking out barns and caring for horses, cows, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, rabbits, geese, and chickens since the age of nine. My great grandmother who helped to raise me rehabilitated wild moose and wolves in Alaska for years, and when I came to know her we bred cockatiels and cared for orphan zebra dove hatchlings. As a child I was always interested in herps and would avidly go in chase of newts, frogs, and anoles. I cared for hamsters, rats, and mice in my younger teen years, and started on raising axolotls in the beginning of college. Now I live with my girlfriend and a grand total of somewhere around 60+ herps, and we have recently acquired two hedgehogs. I work part time at a library and part time at a mainly reptile but also fish and rodent store, as well as in rescuing and rehabilitating abused reptiles in the Portland area. I primarily provide a foster home for smaller species of reptiles like geckos, snakes, and bearded dragons (as opposed to burmese pythons and monitors) while working towards an ultimate goal of doing the same thing for the rest of my life: working with animals.

My hedgehogs are named Winston Churchill and... Black Peppered Salmon - my girlfriend's favorite dish to make us. She named her. or Pepper for short. Pepper is 12 weeks old and Winston is 6 and a half months old. After some initial "Whats" on care, I'm pretty confident on my ability to raise them. They look great and spend a good amount of time on their wheels, eat tons, and defecate enough for all of us. Winston is a bit of a fat turd, but I don't think he's quite morbidly obese. We'll see.

Here are their photos.

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