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Default New hedgehog owner! Several questions!

Hey y'all! So i'm sure most of these question have been answered on other forums, but I keep having anxiety making sure my little hedgie is okay!

So I just got him this past Saturday from a breeder (he's six weeks), and I feel like he's still having a hard time adjusting. I did what I was told and kept him in his cage for 24 hours to let him adjust to the new surroundings, however I'm kinda worried about him.

I feel like he sleeps for 85% of the day-which i know babies sleep a lot-but is that normal? He stays in my bedroom in my apartment, and my room is definitely warm(apartment kept at 75), so I'm not worried about him trying to go into hibernation. I always open the blinds in the morning to make sure he gets plenty of sunlight during the day, and every night after playing with him I always try to keep the main lights off (besides the light coming from my laptop and TV which he doesn't seem to mind so much)

Also I don't think he's eating or drinking a lot. I mean he has pee stains on his mat, and poops a ton, so I feel like he is, but when looking at the differences of when I put his food and water in his cage until the next day when I change it out, it doesn't look much different. Is there anything I can do to help promote him to eat/drink more? Or am I just worrying too much? (he's eating the same food that the breeder was feeding him)

When I got him from the breeder, she gave me probiotics to sprinkle over his food because his stool had been squishier than normal, however today when I had him out to run around, I noticed that on his play-mat there was some clearish mucus along with his poop...should I be worried or could this be just stress from the change in environment?

Also, I keep finding 1-4 quills on the tshirt in his igloo, is it too early to start quilling or is this perfectly normal--and what can I do to help comfort him.

And the last question...the first day I got him he only used the bathroom on his mat(i felt like i was going to get lucky with the whole litter training thing), but yesterday and today when cleaning his cage I noticed that he was using the bathroom the most in his igloo..is this normal for babies?

I may just be a bit over protective and worried about my little guy, but it's better to ask than to go on wondering! Thanks ALL!
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