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Leaving with a pet sitter should be fine. When they are handled by anyone they socialize and get used to being handled so they are more tolerant of it no matter who is handling them but it is true that hedgehogs will be more used to the person that handles them most. But once you and your hedgehog have bonded a week or two away will probably be fine if the hedgehog is well looked after. Alternatively many people travel with their hedgehogs.

I don't think it's a good idea to get a pet right before you're going away, it's not fair to the pet to bring them into a new environment with new people and then as they are trying to settle in leave them with another new person (or force them to adjust to a new environment if they travel with you). I suggest getting your hedgehog after you get back from your holidays that way you have more time at home to get used to each other and bond and your relationship will be secure before you have to leave your hedgehog with a pet sitter again. Also the first few weeks of owning a pet are busy, you're establishing a routine, you might be changing the food your pet was eating so you have to choose a new food and change over gradually, you have to handle the pet and get to know him/her and you have to watch for any health problems, if your hedgehog comes to you sick or with mites can you really trust a pet sitter to give meds and mite treatments? I think it would be better for you do those things yourself. For hedgehogs who need special care a pet sitter is hard to find. Do you have a pet sitter who is comfortable handling hedgehogs? Will you have the heat set up figured out and completely automatic, do you have a pet sitter you trust to monitor the cage temperature?

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