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We just got Percy's CSW wheel last week and I'm glad I chose the one I did as my boy is quite big and still growing. It's very large, so you have to make sure it fits your cage. I was told it will last longer than the CSBW which sold me right away, and I can see it lasting years. The stand is strong and sturdy and the wheel spins like a breeze. Every morning I'll find a few poops on the bottom, but never smeared all over the wheel. Not sure if this is because this wheel is larger, or because the coating on the wheel is so good. Since the color is neutral, it goes with any color fleece, toys, ect... you decide to put in your cage. Not to mention you can't hear a thing other than the pitter patter of tiny feet. I can't see it being a problem with smaller hedgy's because of the height adjustment. It can go very low for a little hedgy to hop on.
I wish I could tell you something about the CSBW and I would if I had one, but I can honestly say you wouldn't be disappointed with the CSW. We'll be ordering another as a back up because we love it so much.
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