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scout536 05-16-2018 08:04 PM

Hedgehog Needing Home West Monroe, LA
Hello, I work at a veterinary hospital and we had a hedgehog and some snakes (!) surrendered to us by a man who was going to jail for a long time. The snakes were sent to the zoo to be re-homed, and I am fostering the hedgehog. It is a female in good health. I have had her for about five months and she has been living well in a large cage with a Carolina wheel that she uses every night. She currently eats Halo chicken dry cat food and isn't very interested in fruit, baby food or even canned cat food though she has learned to enjoy dry meal worms.

She is not very interested in interacting with humans because I don't think she had much socialization before she came to me. She has never bitten and will uncurl and walk about you in the evenings, but isn't interested in belly rubs (yet). She is okay with baths and is not aggressive. I am not sure how old she is. She is more of a blonder hedgehog with one white spot on her hindquarters.

I am currently working and going to school full time and will soon be going to vet school. Before I leave for vet school, I will need to place her in her forever home. I would like for her to go to a home that will love her and take good care of her. I will send her with her nice cage, silent Carolina wheel (Larry makes the best wheels!), and other items. Because of her past, I am cautious about who she will go to. I don't want her to end up ignored or not cared for properly after the "newness" of owning a hedgehog wears off.

I can post photos.


kevinrivera016 05-20-2018 11:18 AM

Hi if she is still available I have house her. Pm me

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