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Kalandra 08-15-2011 08:53 AM

READ ME: Rescue posting guidelines
It is recommended to follow the following guidelines when posting to the rescue section. When posting about a hedgehog in need of rescue please include the location of the hedgehog in the subject line. When cross-posting about a hedgehog you saw on Craigslist, kijji, or some other website, please also include the website's name in the subject line and a link to the posting. If the animal has been rehomed, or the listing removed, please let us know so that the thread may be closed.

Subject lined examples. Instead of craiglist hedgehog needs help. Post "Craigslist - London, Ontario - hedgehog." Or "Need to rehome my hedgehog" to "Boston - need to rehome my hedgehog"

Providing the above information can help alert someone who is in the area to read the thread, where they may normally overlook it.

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