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Default hibernation and winter....

I dont know if im being just a little paranoid... but i let my hedgie have free run of my bedroom as her cage i feel is not nearly big enough anymore and i have been having pressure from my mother to have her like a cat... fair enough with that i think... she loves the freedom... plays in my shoe... runs in her wheel... plays in boxes.

but i occurred a problem today thats making me worry... she slept in a box today and got chilly enough that it took a while to warm up... now im fearful of a hibernation attempt but now shes sleeping on my leg and warmish which comforts me.

now i live in canada...where it gets really cold in winter and im asking for tips for making sure this doesnt happen again... because i dont believe my mothers theory of... get a heating disk and put it in her cage... she will learn where the heat is... shes not stupid...

i just want the best for my little friend... what if we black out and lose my little heater to warm up the room?

thank you so much for any and all advice.... even if i have to splurge and get a cage (which i dont particularly want to do... already have one with tons of fleece she plays with) i believe im willing... i just want to make sure this is a hiccup free winter...seeing as its her first winter.
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