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Default Re: Introducing my new hedgy

As i'm not able to edit my previous post i have to make a new one..

Our new, loveble hedgy is home! My boyfriend picked him up at someone's house and put him in the carrier. I had one little fleece blanket as bedding and a snuggle sack in there. But he was sleeping right under the bedding, haha. I picked him up from the carrier and..... it's a boy! So his name is now Badi, which means "unique wonder" which definitly fits him perfect! He's a prefect, cute chocolate boy! He is really big though compared to Bella, out other hedgy.

He is very shy still, and definitly has to learn that people aren't that bad. So i really have to do my best to gain his trust. But i think that's not a big problem..

To the ones that already guessed it should be a boy, he's glad to hear he doesn't look like a girl.. That really would be a bummer, wouldn't it?

p.s. the cat only lookad at him twice and after that it wasn't that interesting anymore... it was way too prickly for her i guess
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