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Default Re: Introducing my new hedgy

My first hedgy, Bella gets Royal Canin kitten 34 with lots of mealies and alaive krickets because she is really tiny. She was used to eat food that's made for Europian Hedgehogs, but that's no good food for a exotic hedgy. She always had been really tiny. Only with the Royal Canin Kitten she stays on the same weight, with Royal Canin Fit32 she just loses weight...

For Bida or Yumna (depends on which gender) will get the same for a couple of days, just because he gets that now too.. So i can see if he's fat or on a good weight.. If he's a little fat he will get Royal Canin Fit32 with mealies and krickets.

I usually don't really have a mix of foods because Bella can't have it with her stomach, but maybe i will if my new hedgie is on a good weight and can have it with his/her stomach.
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