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Default Introducing my new hedgy

Tomorrow i am gonna pick up my second hedgy! After Bella, who is almost 3 years now, i will have my second rehome hedgy.

We don't know it's gender, and we don't know it's age, but we will see If it's a male his name will be Badi (means unique) and if it's a girl, her name will be Yumna (menas hope). Both are African names, which i love for hedgies! I especially like the ide of taking a rehomer instead of a hedgy form a breeder, because i can give them a better life than they had before.

I would tell you something about Badi/Yumna. Will call it a "he" just for the ease:
Badi or Yumna is a Brown hedgie for as far as we saw on pics, but i don't know if he has Pinto or something else too. He is actually from a breeder who lives like 5 km's from my house. As little hoglet he was sold to a man not far from here either, but he forget to give him the food and attetion he needed, so he was really thin when some other people took him away form that man. Those people fed him with lots and lots of mealies, krickets, etc. And now he is almost on a good weight But they don't really have the time to give him the right attetion. They only have the time to give him basic attention, such as clipping his nails, washing him once a month, etc. But he's not used getting out of his cage that much. The people saw my ad, and wanted me to have their hedgy, as he would get a much better place to live.

With us, he will get a cage of 100 x 60 cm, but that's only for a few weeks. I want him to have a great cage where he can be happy, run, play, hunt on some alive krickets and stuff, so we will build a cage for him in our livingroom which is a minimum of 150 x 50 cm. He's now in a cage of 80 x 40 cm, and never used to be in bigger cages, so 100x 60 is already an improvement.

We hope he'll anjoy living with us, but i dont think that would be a problem.

So here's our new coming hedgy:

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