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Default Re: Few questions from new hedgie mom.

For digital thermometers, you can usually find decent and pretty inexpensive ones at stores like Walmart and such. Pet stores sell them too, but they tend to be quite expensive there. And yes, bath towels are just fine! For Lily's "drying regimen" after a bath, I usually had a couple towels and pieces of fleece ready. She came out of the sink into one towel to get most of the immediate water off. Once that one was wet, switch to towel #2. Then switch to fleece #1 and she usually cuddled in that while I cleaned the bathroom up and put things away (but she was usually content to stay put no matter what, so I didn't have to worry about her running out of the blanket like some hedgies), then switch to fleece #2 to go cuddle for awhile. Sometimes I kept a third fleece nearby while we were cuddling, just in case that second fleece blanket got damp too. I admit, though, I was always really paranoid about her catching a chill, hence the numerous towels/blankets.
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