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Default Re: Few questions from new hedgie mom.

FYI, fleese doesn't have loose threads when cut. That's the #1 reason hedgie owners (especially ones that don't sew) love them so much. I sew, but fleece on a sewing machine is pretty much impossible so I have hand sewn all my fleece hedgie bags but the liners can just be cut to size. I have a C&C cage and only use the fleece with nothing under them. When I change out the liners I use a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar to clean the coroplast with. I also use that mix on his wheel and litter pan. Depends on what kind of cage you have but the fleece is pretty absorbant because I double mine up for cushion and comfort. Coroplast or plastic flooring wouldn't soak up the pee or spills left by hedgie. I guess you could use a sham wow under if you were worried about it but I wouldn't even bother, the fleece alone has worked for me. If Milo makes a mess and I see it (like really loose poop) then I clean it up with a paper towel and spray some of the vinegar water mix on it and then soak it up a paper towel. It dries really quickly and since I clean early evening it's normally dry by the time Milo decides to come out and play.

Bath towels, I'm not sure about. I have used pieces of fleece and kept him snuggled up to me till he is dried off from his bath when I bath him. I'm always worried about bath towels and their loose threads so it would be interesting to know what everyone else uses since i've never even asked that question.

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