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Default Re: Few questions from new hedgie mom.

Thank you so much LilysMommy and Sparkmanr for all the help. I had no idea about the puppy pads, had someone tell me they are fine to use. So crazy how many different things I have heard and then find out from actual Hedgie owners that not such a good idea! So glad to have found you all here! I am definitely going to switch to liners. And think I may look into ordering some from some of the people that make them on here. I love to sew but afraid I wouldn't get all strings and threads tucked away and hidden! I am so afraid of that with her, I had known about that when I was doing my research before I got her so I even cut off all tags that may be on toys, or blankies she uses to cuddle up in! Until I can get some good real liners made and all is there something to use under fleece blankets to help with absorbency? I heard someone say they used those spongy towels that soak up fluids like crazy (like the sham wow thing) are those safe to use under the fleece? And what do you use to spot clean liners through out the week?

I will also be looking into getting a che setup with a digital thermometer and probe! That sounds like the best setup I have heard and would work well for her area and my house and all. I have heard about some using the under the tank heating pads so that hedgie can move if too hot, but those just kinda scare me! And Her habitat is a huge sterilite contanier.( Thinking of going too c&c cage when she gets older. Any thoughts on those?) She has been doing good though, I constantly check on her, and I am pretty much a night owl. I seem to get most of work and jewelry made in late night/early morning hours. So I have seen her funny nighttime activities! Also thanks on the advice about the black nocturnal light bulb, luckily I haven't used it or opened it yet so will be taking it back! I like the fact of the che not putting out light also just heat for her. I didn't know about having a light shining over her cage no matter what color I had a feeling she would sense it and not like it either. I wouldn't want a light shining in on me!

Thanks again everyone for all the help and advice!

One other thing I had wanted to ask and maybe not a big deal but being the worried hedgie mom I am, want to make sure just in case. I was going to give her a bath today, due to she is quilling and thought may help ease the pain a little. And because I gave her a piece strawberry the other day which I gues she had never had because she anointed herself with it. I couldn't help but laugh a little watching her do that. My question is are regular bath towels ok to use to dry her off in afterwards and wrap her in for abit? I will be warming the towel up in the dryer before hand as well to make it nice and cozy for after he bath!

Thanks again everyone! I am off to look for liners and che setup!
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