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To answer some questions in regards to fleece liners. That's what I use. I went to the fabric store and bought some No pill Fleece on sale. It doesn't have to be sewn so all you have to do is cut to size. Not hard to do at all. I have three liners for Milo's cage. I change his liners once a week and spot clean daily because Milo isn't litter trained for sure. I also have a hegie that loves to burrow. My breeder used shavings and he burrowed and played all the way home if he wasn't sleeping (it was a four hour drive one way). So i had to come up with something. I got a box from work (starbucks coffee box) and cut it so it has a low side he could crawl into with cut up strips of fleece left over from the fleece I bought to make the liners out of. Depending on your cage size will depend on how many yards of fabric you will need. I got two yards per color and had enough for one hedgie sack and one liner plus extra to use to hold him in my lap with or put on the floor in his play pen. I still have extra that I could use for more hedgie sacks. Not big enough for liners though. I think it's better than shavings or car fresh. For me it is because I have such severe allergies I think the shavings and care fresh stuff would kill me. Anyway, if you have any questions on the liners feel free to ask me or PM me. Good luck.

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