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Default Re: Few questions from new hedgie mom.

Thank you soooo much for all the info. I just heard her up and about so i went and picked her up ( with a little huffing no doubt) and after she settled down looked at her quills like you said and it does look like she has some peaking through the surface of skin. her skin doesn't seem to be dry which is a plus. Going to give her a bath tomorrow to help maybe ease the pain of the quills coming in as well. It will be her first bath!! Wanted to start giving her baths when she was young anyways so she would get used to it.

Yes I think I am going to switch to fleece liners. I am not really liking the carefresh (was what the breeder had her in as well ) I just feel with the carefresh that I can never fully see everything or find everything. I am a neat/clean/ organize everything kind of person. So I go through out the day checking her area to make sure is clean and just feel it never is. At least with the liners I can see everything. She is doing pretty good with the litter pan so far. A few accidents and like I said hasn't pooped on wheel. So I think she would do good with liners. I have a bunch of fleece blankets I got and puppy pads to put under to start, until I can make or find liners. I heard some just use the fleece blankets? Any suggestions on what and where to get liners? Also she does like to burrow/dig around in the carefresh. Would a dig box with fleece strips be sufficent for her digging/burrowing needs?

Yes I put a stick on thermometer in her area so could keep eye on temperature. I have my thermostat set to not get below 73. And like I said I live in south Texas so it doesn't get crazy cold here, and even when it is cold I have heater on in house. But I will get some Clamp lights and bulbs to have on hand just in case need them. I did get a black noctural light which was told would be good at night if gets cold, would give her heat but still be dark. As far as other light bulbs for heat if I don't need a whole lot of heat, just regular 75watt bulbs will work?

Thank you again so much for all your help and suggestions! Just want the best for my little baby girl!!
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