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Default Re: Few questions from new hedgie mom.

"Could she be quilling?? I have seen her scratching a little bit and when she borrows under her bedding (I am using carefresh ultra right now, thinking of switching to fleece liners. Seems the carefresh is everywhere and can never get it clean enough!) its almost like she rocks back and forth under the bedding scratching her back on it."
Yes, she could be quilling. Even if she is not (or not yet) dropping baby quills, she probably has quills growing in if she is just a baby. If you gently fan up her quills, you will probably see quills that are just starting to grow in. A gentle 'against the grain' brush with a toothbrush will flair the quills up, allowing a good look at her skin and it should be easy to see new quills coming in.

The itching may be from the Carefresh, which she may, or may not, get used to. If itching is minor, it may just be an itch. Sometimes an itch is just an itch.

I use fleece cage liners. They are soooo much easier to use. The initial cost is more than offset by the immediate gain of much easier maintenance and the long term gain of lowered costs.

IF you are correct about the constant temperature, THEN you are fine. I'm not tempted to push my luck in the winter because it gets very cold here and my girl has her own room heater in addition to a pair of 150 watt CHEs (ceramic heat emitters). That said, it sounds like you are fine on temperature.

You should still have a good thermometer in the cage to help with monitoring. It is true that the lighting can be used to add heat to the cage. In the summer, I bounce her lights off the ceiling for indirect lighting. In the winter I suspend her lights over the cage. Two 10" fixtures with 75 watt bulbs adds 0 to 15 degrees, depending upon the weather. I vary the height of the lamps. If it is quite cold, they don't add much heat, but in that middle zone where her cage just needs a bump, they are quite helpful.

Keep in mind that lights only help maintain temperature when they are on. At night you may need a couple of CHEs to boost the temperature. You have more room to work with on the high side during summer. High heat is better tolerated and less of an immediate threat. On the other hand, if the temperature were to dip under 70 degrees at night, you would be testing the limits of safety. There isn't a lot of data out there to indicate how low, or for how long, temperatures can go, but there is general agreement that crossing the tipping point is easy to do and immediately threatening.
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