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Default Few questions from new hedgie mom.

Hello everyone I have a few questions. I just got my baby girl, Zaria Deella, 3 days ago on September 27, 2012. So far she seems to be happy and is eating and drinking great. As well as pooping like crazy and nothing green or weird. She plays with her toys and runs on her wheel (in which she as yet to poop on! She will go before she gets on or will get off it to go!) She doesn't seem to mind when I am cleaning up her cage around her and will only raise her little forehead quills if I do something to quickly. But have found if do it slowly she is fine. She does huff at me when I go to pick her up and sometimes will run from me. But after I have picked her up she puts her quills down and will start walking around on my hands and through my fingers. (She never really balls up on me, just huffs and raises quills at first) If I go to pet her she gets kinda antsy and like she is trying to get away but if I stop she will calm down and just sit in my hands and almost fall asleep. Could she be quilling?? I have seen her scratching a little bit and when she borrows under her bedding (I am using carefresh ultra right now, thinking of switching to fleece liners. Seems the carefresh is everywhere and can never get it clean enough!) its almost like she rocks back and forth under the bedding scratching her back on it. From what I have read that is only thing I can think of is that she is in a quilling phase. And one more question I live in South Texas and it is hot here all the time! The breeder I got her from said she never really has to use a heating source as long as house stays at a pretty even temperature between 73-75, and if gets to cold in winter will use a light to warm the area a bit. My house always stays between 73-75 as well. So I haven't had any kind of heat source on her cage yet and she has been fine. Is it ok not to have one, as long as house temp stays in that range? And she seems to be ok with it and is not cold.? Sorry so long, Thanks everyone in advance for your replies and advice!
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