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Default very dry skin and quill loss. no mites.

Hi, all:

Me and my Dilly moved into a new place a month ago. The move was smooth- no stress. Dilly is quite an easy going fella as it is. Suddenly he started losing 10 or so quills a day and his skin became so flaky- when i pick him up i can see the flakes flying.
I took him to the vet - no mites and they even tested him for tape worm.
He is about a year and a half, never been sick, same food. Recently i have got filter for my water, but the loss of quills started prior to that.
the temperature in the house is a bit lower than previous place, by about 5 degrees,so I turned his heat lamp on to get it to 75. But even with the lamp on he still is losing quills.
I don;t know what's going on- he seems to be eating fine, even gained a bit of weight(he was always a small frame boy) and his poops are normal and his activities are the same.
Though he gets easily agitated by me picking him up. Like it bothers him to be pet. Not before though.
Sometimes i see white quills on the bottom of his cage.
Any suggestions on where to start?
Thank you so much from me and Dilly hog.
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