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Default over grown nails and under weight

Shade and Oliver both have over grown nails and are underweight, but Oliver's nails are curling u into his paws, and he ate pretty much hotdogs for half a year and who knows what for the first year, shade and oliver were eatig whiskas cat food, and so now they have overgrown nails and are underweight.

Oliver's weight- 365g
Shades weight- 371g
Oliver's age- 1 1/2 years roughly
Shades age- 9 months

Is this okay??

They made shade for 3 months and oliver for 6 1/2 or so months. Also oliver is tiny. Like he's way smaller then shade and way way smaller then Dallas.

Dallas's age- 9 months
Dallas's weight- 485g


Dallas Came Home April 21st 2012
Shade and Oliver came Home September 9th 2012

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