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If he doesn't have dry flaky skin anywhere else, it seems more likely to be an allergic reaction, skin irritation, or dry skin. Maybe he walked over something that is irritating to him. Either way, it would be good to give his feet a wash to remove whatever is potentially bothering him.

Maybe give him a full bath just in case the irritant got onto other parts of him. Wash the sink basin first, then start with warm water to rinse the bad stuff away. Empty the water after the first rinse so that the bad stuff goes down the drain. Fill with new warm water, add Aveeno Moisturizing body wash, give him a gentle scrub down. Empty water and rinse. Fill with new warm water, add a few drops of Aveeno Shower and Bath oil, let him soak for a bit and relax. Empty water and rinse. Dry.

Then check his feet over carefully. Check for anything on the feet that might be bothering him (ex. hair/thread around the toes, splinter, etc). Check the length of his nails too in case they are growing funny and annoying him. Check to see if there are any wounds too. If he has chewed a wound, you may need to get it looked at by a vet. You can apply some regular polysporin on it too to prevent infection and promote healing.

Anyhow, take a look over your hedgie's living areas and consider what might cause dry feet/allergies/irritation. You can eliminate/change those things and see if the dry, flaky skin goes away.

That's just what I would do, but there are lots of other good ideas and advice here too. Good luck!

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