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Does he have flaky skin anywhere else? Hedgies are prone to getting dry skin, especially during dry times of the year, but in my experience that's under the quills. If it's just on his feet/legs it's probably something else. It could be an allergy to detergent if you're using something that has a fragrance - they can sometimes have reactions to the extra chemicals. You can also try washing his legs off to rule out the dried pee thing - I'm not really sure if that would cause flakiness.

It could be mites. We just dealt with a mite issue with some of ours that caused skin issues, not quill loss - either because we caught it before the quill loss started, or (my guess) it was a different kind of mite that doesn't target the hair (i.e. quill) follicles. It caused a kind of scaly, peeling skin, sort of like the way skin would peel after a bad sunburn, or comparable to the very very end of a scab, when there's no redness but just thick dead skin that still needs to fall off. A few of them got it only on the legs and the girl who got it worst got it on her legs, mostly at the "armpit" area for all four legs, and a little across the stomach and chest.

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