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Make sure it's a digital one, for the sake of being most accurate. Most digital kitchen scales will do both ounces and grams.

Rounding to the nearest gram:
10.08oz = 286g
10.2oz = 289g
10.6oz = 300g
10.8oz = 306g

So, an increase of 20g in the last four days. That could very easily be from growing, from being on better food, or just from a difference in what time of day she was weighed. Emptying the bowels can change their weight as much as 20-30g. She's in the normal, expected range for a 12 week old, and at that age hedgehogs are definitely still growing. It would be impossible to even guess at whether she's pregnant or not based on that. Like I said earlier, just assume she's pregnant. 90% of the time if a female is housed with a male after 6-7 weeks old, she's pregnant.

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