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Default Re: Treat List (Safe Fruits and Veggies)

Love this! Now it just needs to be a sticky!

I have two small things to add:

1. "Anything citrus" can more broadly be taken as "anything acidic". Tomatoes, therefore, are also something to avoid, because of the acidity level. Pomegranates, which I've seen one or two people ask about before, would also fall under this category - they are probably one of the most acidic fruits out there, possibly moreso than pineapple; definitely moreso than pineapple when the pineapple is ripe and sweet.

2. Fruits (and some vegetables) that are on the "acceptable" list should still be considered in terms of the sugar content. Some of them are fine in small amounts but could cause an upset stomach (loose/runny poops) if given in larger amounts, or if given daily. The same thing can be caused by too much of fruits/vegetables with a very high water content, and the ones that are mostly made of water aren't going to have much nutrients in them either. Examples: watermelon (a lot of water/sugar); cucumber (all water, almost no nutrients); cherries (high sugar content).

In general, for anyone wanting to supplement kibble with fruits/vegetables: vegetables are much better for use as a daily addition to the diet (more nutritional value, less sugar), whereas most fruits are better used as treats or as something that's offered a few times a week, rather than daily. It can depend on the specific fruit/vegetable, though. (Peas, for instance, are rather high in sugar as well, and would be better used every few days, or only as a small part of a daily diet. On the other hand, pumpkin is great and high in fiber, and would work well if used daily.)

Again, thanks for the great thread LG!

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