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Thanks for the response. I was also think Revolution because I have heard it helps with various skin problems. I will only take Willow to a vet that would specialize in hedgehogs, it's very unfortunate that a family friend of ours who has her own clinic and lab does not specialize in hedgehogs or Willow would be going to her. They couldn't get a scraping from Willow because she was... well not very cooperative. He said it sounds and looks like quilling and she was 12 weeks at that point so it seem plausible. He said normally with hedgehogs like Willow they have to put the under for a bit but hearing about what was going on he said it didn't seem drastic enough to do so. I was also told that if she hits 16 weeks and things don't improve I would have to go back. I am not a big fan of Willow being drugged but I am sure it is going to happen tonight so we can figure out what is going on. Also they didn't say which fungal issue she could have, they want to see her before giving me names of medical conditions. At this point I guess I just feel very worried, lost and confused. I have another 3.5 hours before her appointment.
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