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Default Poor Willow

I feel like the worst hedgehog owner ever, even though I have taken my baby to the vet.
I got Willow when she was a month and a half from a pet store. I got my last hedgehog at the same store who ended up being very sick pretty much her whole life. I felt so bad for the hedgehogs at the store again that I bought one almost the 2nd one as well but my husband was not liking that idea. Anyways Willow had dry skin and was losing quills which seemed to be normal to me. She will be 4 months on Saturday and has not lost any quills nor scratching anymore but it flaking like nobodies business and it seems to be getting worse every few days. I have been using olive oil in her food as well as the oil and Aveeno oatmeal stuff in her bath but doesn't seem to be helping. She has always been a bitey cranky hedgehog, I assumed was due to quilling. She doesn't bite as often but sniffs my fingers a lot (yes I have washed them with unscented stuff), when she starts to lick I pull my fingers away. So I guess now she gives warning as before she didn't plus she is still really huffy and cranky, more so now then when she was quilling. The vet said she could have a fungal infection but due to her behavior he thinks it is a disease that if left untreated could kill her. I am worried for the obvious reason of being told my baby is sick but also she has been in my care for 2.5 months and we are just catching on now. I looked online about hedgehogs with flaky skin and no matter what I type in to google I get overloaded with stuff about mites and qilling. We know for a fact she doesn't have mites as we were at the vet almost 4 weeks ago for a check up. We decided that if things didn't get better then to go back and that is the point we are at now. Does anyone know of any diseases that makes hedgehogs beyond grumpy, flaky and could potentially kill them? I would just like an idea before going to the vet. Also just in case she needs any medications what is absolutely NOT recommended to give to hedgehogs?
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