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Poggles hates baths. He acts like he's in a gas chamber when he's in the sink and tries to claw his way out of the sink like his life depends on it. It effectively makes him empty his bowels. Bath time is the best laxative in the world, lol. So I spend a good amount of bath time just washing poop down the sink until he runs out of poop.

Then I fill the sink to about mid-body level with soapy water and gently scoop water on him. He's okay with that, but he hates the toothbrush that I gently brush him with. It's a whole lot of hate during bath time.

After soaping comes rinsing then soaking water with a few drops of Aveeno oil. During this time, he chills out a lot more so I trim his nails under water. Then it's one more rinse before I towel dry him. Then I put him back in the sink and blow dry him on a very low, warm setting. I keep my hand under the airflow at all times so I know how hot it is getting and I keep the dryer moving so no spots overheat. After drying is snuggle time.

I think drinking plain water is okay if you washed your sink before bath time. Soap water is not okay. You might want to switch him from the water bottle to a water bowl on a regular basis since he likes it so much. There's also less risk of him breaking a tooth and he'll probably drink more and better from a bowl. Water bowls are also easier to clean. Just make sure it's a heavy flat bottomed ceramic bowl so it won't tip over.

Eating after bath time is pretty normal. It was probably quite the stressful event and food is always soothing. Also, he's probably awake after all that activity. I find that Poggles always eats when he wakes up during the day. Also, if he emptied his bowels, it's time to reload :P

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