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Default First foot bath

I gave my 9-week old hedgie his first foot bath today just to clean his paws a bit better than I'm able to with just a washcloth. I filled up a shallow basin with warm water just high enough for him to walk around in, and had a shamwow towel at the bottom to make it soft for him. A few things worried me, though. I realize it was his first bath so he was most likely a little freaked out, so he kept trying to climb out of the basin. I figure it's best to keep him in there so he gets used to it, but I ended up taking him out after just a minute or so because I felt bad D: Next time should I just leave him in there so he can grow accustomed to the water, or is it odd for him to have been so freaked out?

Also, he kept drinking the water. I wasn't too worried as it was the same water I use to fill his bottle with, just a bit warmer, but he coughed a few times after he would drink it. Well, I think it was a cough. It definitely wasn't a sneeze. It was just a few times, but it still concerned me because I've yet to hear him make any noise like that. Should I be worried about him drinking the bath water? He's definitely drinking enough out of his bottle so it's not like he's not getting enough water.

Lastly, after some snuggle time in a blanket to make sure he was warm and dried off, I went to put him back in his cage, but what was weird was that he went straight for his food dish. It was odd because in the week I've had him now, he's only ever eaten at night. Even when I have him up and about during the day, he's never eaten before like 2am. He also ate a lot too, like it just looked like he hadn't eaten in a while and it worried me a little.

I'm probably waywaywaaaay overstressing myself hahah I'm just still nervous with my new baby and I want to make sure he's as happy and healthy as can be.
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