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Default Re: Siblings and size difference

It could be that the albino was the runt - they can be quite a bit smaller. Whether or not they'll catch up depends on the hedgehog. How dramatic the difference is might have something to do with how big the litter was. Our girl Anubis is from the same litter as Xeno (who's owned by my fiance's and lives with her at college; currently he's in our hedgehog room because it's summer). Anubis is around 390g and Xeno is almost 100g less. They're both around 4.5 months and have pretty much leveled out with their weight. Xeno is extremely active and kind of insane about his wheel, so he gets some extra babycat in his diet, but otherwise they've been fed the same thing since the beginning. Even without being wheel-obsessed Xeno would be on the small side - he just has a small build.

However, are you sure about the albino girl's weight? 2oz is about 55-60g, which is VERY small. (Our minimum weight for babies to be ready to go at 6ish weeks is 150g, and all of the babies we've gotten so far at that age have been closer to 180g - just to give you an idea.) Not just underweight-small but ridiculously small for that age, much too small to have left the breeder, if that's actually how much she weighs. What did you use to weigh her?

If you're not already feeding the albino girl a kitten food, you should switch her to one or at least add a good amount to her diet. The high fat content will help her put on weight. Royal Canin Babycat is a great choice.

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