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Default Hedgie sneezing

I don't know if someone has had a similar situation and this is a repeat or not but it's kind of a detailed circumstance and I'm frustrated from Google-ing it.

I bought a young male pinto hedgehog from someone in April. I set up his cage using what she had sent as bedding for him which was some Carefresh, which I have used for many different small animals and never had a problem with. A couple of weeks into owning him, my fiance and I heard him sneezing..or making sounds that sounded like sneezing, every so often from his cage throughout the day. We looked it up and it seemed to amount to just the variety of noises hedgies make. We kept an eye on him and didn't notice anything else. Then when we were taking him out we noticed he licks his nose a lot and when he breathes, just one nostril (the right side I believe) blows little clear bubbles and his nose appears wet. We were worried he might have had a URI so we watched him to see if we needed to find a vet. Nothing else happened for a couple of weeks. This has been the exact same situation for three months. It has not progressed any further, he doesn't appear to be "ill". I have seen URIs in dogs and cats and small animals in my work at an animal shelter and other than the bubbles and sneezing, he has no other obvious symptoms. The bubbles don't appear to be mucus-ey, his eyes are clear, he isn't wheezing or coughing. He is active, eats/drinks well, doesn't mind being woken up during the day, will crawl around and investigate when we take him out, etc. I guess what I'm wondering is if he's sick or not? I would imagine that if it were a cold or a URI it would have gotten worse but he seems to be completely fine. So am I worrying over nothing?
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