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Default Re: will the rodent deterants bug our baby girl

well I will tell you they do work for sure we heard scurrying all night long and with in two days all the rats were gone and there were alot. I heard that they dont go through walls either but idk i think we will just unplug them atleast on her side of the house. We are staying with my bf's mom and so we cant expect her to bend to our everyneed and risk an infestation of her house for our hedgehog if you understand what i am saying but maybe now that they are all out we can do some preventative work to help also. they never wanted to put wire mesh over the holes cause if the rats are in there then that could lead to them doing even more damage. the rats were never in the house they were in the attached garage and under the house in the crawl space. I feel like i am in a catch 22 we cant expect his mom to totally get rid of them and i dont want to risk Briarlyn. I think we will sit down and talk about our options we want to avoid decon for the cat and dog and plus then you get a dead rat laying decaying somewhere.
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