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Default First Time Owner!

Hello! I just got my first hedge yesterday! His name is Owen and I absolutely adore him. I have read so many things on websites and blogs, but I am very happy to be apart of a community of first hand experience.

I have a couple of questions. I read a lot about letting them adjust to their new home. I have tried to hold him today, since I did last night when I first got him, and he hasn't been too accepting of that today. He was cuddled in his bag which i placed on my chest while laying down then in bed beside me, he started to sniff around but still wasn't okay with me trying to hold him. Is this normal?

I have been trying to just let him smell me hands and see that I won't hurt him and that seems to be working, he is becoming more brave and less "flinch-y"

Also, I am introducing a litter box to him, so far he seems to have more fun rolling all in it and throwing it around than actually using it. Has anyone else had this experience? I am using a dust free sand type of cat littler. It is white and blue and doesn't really look like cat littler, but more like a big sand. He LOOOOOOVES to play in it, so i think it will get more use as a sand box than a bathroom haha.

Any advice on handling would be great appreciated. I am happy to be apart of this forum.
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