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Default Re: Possibly getting a hedgehog as a pet in the future

Originally Posted by Kalandra
I bet you were recommended Cedar Creek.
Yes, it was Cedar Creek! I don't mind driving that distance for a good vet either, but I'm thinking in an emergency type situation, would be good to have someone closer. One of my husband's co-workers is married to a vet that owns an emergency clinic. I'm going to find out if she knows anything about hedgehogs or of someone closer that does.

I've been "browsing" websites all day, looking at breeders, foods to feed, illnesses, etc. I see a lot of people selling hedgies on hoobly.com and makes me wonder if these people are equivalent to "backyard breeders" in dogs. Some say they are USDA licensed. Is that really a good thing? I mean puppymills are AKC approved, and I would never buy a dog from a puppymill. USDA licensed means what exactly? I want to make sure if I get a hedgie that I get one that has health clearances, was socialized properly, and all that good stuff. I can deal with a grumpy hedgehog...but sickly...I'd rather not. It breaks my heart. So if I can get one that has health clearances, I know it's got a lesser chance of having health problems. I know sometimes things just happen, no matter how healthy parents are and how well the babies are raised, but I want to reduce the risk as much as possible.

I think I am getting obsessed, lol. I haven't done anything I needed to get done today. I'm not sure what it is about them that is so intriguing to me, but the more I learn, the more I really love them! Now if I could only get my hubby on board. He's rolled his eyes at me more in the past week than in our 7 years together, haha.

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