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Default Re: Possibly getting a hedgehog as a pet in the future

Michigan here too. We keep the rest of the house colder than you do in the winter. But it hasn't been a problem for the hedgies. Their CHE's have kept up just fine with a little added help; eg, cages along the inside walls of the house, a blanket between the tabletop and the underside of the cage, blanket around the sides of the cage (with big holes for ventilation). The CHE's tend to keep the hedgie room warmer than the rest of the house by a few degrees.

When it's playtime, I bring them out to the main room of the house and turn on a space heater. Historically, mine have played a little bit on their own, but both have been snugglers who have pawed and nosed their way under the bottom edge of my shirt to sleep on my belly or have flattened themselves out to squeeze past my shirt cuff and walk up my arm until they've found the right spot... even in summer when you'd think it would be too hot for them to enjoy that. So, yes, provided yours is a snuggler, having him/her under your shirt is a definite possibility. That said, I did have one who liked to nip and tug at my bra... the part between the two cups. It typically ended after I looked back down at her through the neck hole of my shirt an issued a polite, "excuse me, but what do you think you are doing?"

And, like Kalandra cautioned, you might find yourself with a little one who has absolutely no interest in sitting still. Then you'll need to create a little play area that is warmer than the 65-68F. Using a space heater is a small room would take care of that quite nicely. You'll need to hedgie-proof the area for an explorer... cutting off means of hiding under things, getting into messes, being able to climb up stuff and fall off, preventing access to the heater, etc...
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