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Default Re: Possibly getting a hedgehog as a pet in the future

I'm in Michigan too, and I don't keep the entire house at a hedgehog friendly temperature. I have a space heater that I use to keep the hedgehogs' room warm and a space heater in the TV room. I turn it on when we are having snuggle time so that room is comfortable for them.

Temperature is one of the most important things you have to consider. If you get it wrong, it can lead to a very sick or even dead hedgehog very quickly. We see quite a number every year who fail to get it right. So spend a lot of time on this topic.

Quills can hurt yes. But you get used to them. You learn how to pick them up so that it doesn't hurt as much and with a social hedgehog you won't even really notice them. Its with the more defensive, and those that are a bit aggressive with their defensiveness (popping and shoving their quills into your skin to make it hurt) where you are going to notice their quills.

Hedgehog personalities are very unique. You've listed out a variety, explorer, snuggler, etc, but here is one more to think about... the defensive hedgehog who is a challenge to interact with. If you get a hedgehog from a good breeder this is less likely to happen, but even the best breeders will produce a defensive hedgehog occasionally. Sometimes they are fine when you first take them home, but quilling happens and their personality becomes less friendly and more defensive. Can you deal with that? I bring it up, because we see quite a number enter rescue because "it wasn't what I expected.".

Keep reading, and asking questions. I'm not trying to discourage you from hedgehogs, but you seem like you are trying to figure out if it is a good fit. And learning about the negative stuff is important.

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