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Default Possibly getting a hedgehog as a pet in the future

Hello everyone!

I'm cross-posting this from my introduction at: https://hedgehogcentral.com/forums/vi...p?f=27&t=18695

Would love opinions!

I am still reading the book (I am at lighting and heating sections right now). I also did a lot of research yesterday online and on this site...so I'm getting a pretty good feel for what is required and what to expect I think.

As far as cuddly goes, I want to clarify what I mean by that. I am a somewhat active person during the day. I take my dogs swimming at the lake (during summer months), go day camping (rarely overnight because I don't typically take my pets when we go) and I have a household to run, along with my hubby and son to care for. After dinner it's usually relax time in this house. That consists of watching tv, playing on the computer or just laying in bed chatting with the hubby. What I would love is to be able to have something small that will be content to hang in my lap while I watch TV or am on the computer. If the little one wants to explore or interact, that's great too, but if they just want to sleep in their little sleeping bag on my lap, I'd be happy as well. I don't really expect to snuggle and play kissy face with a hedgehog...but if they are into it, I won't mind.

I like the fact that when I need to get things done at home, hedgehogs like to sleep. It seems to fit my schedule well.

My biggest concern right now is keeping one warm. I'm in Michigan and we have very cold winters usually. During the winter our house usually is between 65-68 degrees. I have no problem setting up a nice warm home for a hedgehog with the CHE + thermostat, and getting the lights put on timers and all of that. My concern is when I want to take him out and have him in my lap, is that going to be too cold for him? I thought if the little guy comes to trust me, he could hang out on my (ample) chest, where it's toasty warm. I don't want to risk hibernation or the little guy getting sick, and I won't be able to really keep the entire house warmer, so does that mean he'd have to stay in his box all the time? Or is coming out and sitting with me in his sleeping bag or under my shirt good enough for social hour?
The last thing I want to add is that I understand that the quills can hurt sometimes. I'm not afraid of this at all. I used to work at an aviary many years ago and was "bitten" by some rather nasty amazons during that time and some smaller birds as well. I am good at not reacting to those kinds of situations (screaming or shrieking, jerking my hand away, etc). I learned very quickly that to react to biting or pain only reinforces those behaviors. I know it is a possibility that I might get bitten, or that the quills may prick me. I'm fine with that and not squeamish at all.

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