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Originally Posted by MurE
Poggles likes to change up his sleeping location on a regular basis. When it's a hot, sunny day, he likes to sleep under his wheel. When it's cooler, he sleeps inside of his dome in his fleece pouch. When it's in between he likes to sleep under his tree dome cover on an angle smushed against the corner of the cage (weird, huh?). Sometimes he'll sleep in his dome, but on top of his pouch instead of inside.

Sometimes none of the above seem to apply and he just chooses to change locations for no particular reason. Sooo... your hedgie sounds perfectly normal to me!

That is so cute! I put the hedgiebag in there. He woke up, went inside and came out within a few minutes. After running on his wheel for a little while, hes now asleep under his wheel again. As long as he's happy I'm happy.

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