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Default Re: Sleeping under his wheel

The sleeping is normal. Babies sleep as much as they can, it's just a baby thing. As for sleeping under the wheel, it's nothing to be worried about, though you can try to change the kinds of sleeping spots he has available if he doesn't seem to like the igloo. Hedgehogs often like to be in something enclosed when they're asleep, which would explain why he likes being under the wheel. Igloos have a lot of open space inside them. Try offering a hedgie bag or blanket either inside the igloo or in a different part of the cage.

Of all our hedgehogs (8 of them), only two girls ever showed preference for an igloo, and that was when they were younger and could both smush themselves together inside a 6" igloo. Now that they've outgrown that one, they snub the big igloo and prefer to sleep together in a bag. All the others opt for bags too.

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