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Kizzynicole 03-12-2013 01:27 AM

Moving and Penn Legality
Ok, so I've been applying to many jobs as a new college graduate and so far have not had much luck. However, I have been applying for jobs around the New Jersey area and I have read that since hedgies are illegal in Pennsylvania people have also had trouble traveling just through the state with their quilly friend. I guess I'm wondering if this is actually true or not. If I were to get a job out there I would have to go through Pennsylvania and possibly even stay there a night as I would be coming from Wisconsin. Nothing is set yet obviously, but I'm just curious. Also, has anyone heard of this in other states with places where hedgies are illegal?

Lilysmommy 03-12-2013 01:52 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
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I'm not really sure if this is still an issue, I just know what I've read from on here. In the past, people have always been very cautious with hedgehogs in PA, no matter what the reason - driving through, visiting, or living there. PA is the only state that really calls for this caution, as they're the illegal state with the most horror stories for hedgehogs being confiscated and euthanized (from what I've read, anyway). If I'm remembering right, there was a huge thing awhile (years) ago where some people decided to ignore the law, were breeding hedgehogs & selling them, and got caught. There was a huge panic to get the hedgehogs out of state before they were euthanized, etc. and since then, most people are pretty leery of having hedgies in the state for whatever reason.

That said, I don't think I've read of any specific incidents where someone driving through PA has been stopped or had their hedgehog found and confiscated. I also usually only read stuff on this forum though, no other hedgie forums or groups. I'm not sure whether you'd be good to drive through to the job or not, but i would say personally, at least, I would not stay overnight in the state - perhaps stop and stay overnight in Ohio instead, then get through PA all in one day.

Hopefully you get some more definite answers regarding actual incidents and whether the situation is still as serious as it was in the past! Sorry I probably wasn't too much help, lol.

Kizzynicole 03-12-2013 02:02 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
I do have some family in PA so at least if I had to stay the night it wouldn't be so bad. Like I said nothing is set but just in case I like to know what I'm getting myself into and there are a lot of jobs over in that part of the country in my field so there is the possibility. The info I was reading didn't have a date on it so I wasn't sure. Any info is helpful to me! Thanks!

Inky 03-12-2013 02:42 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
I have absolutely no experience on the hedgehog part, but as someone who has moved from WA to NJ and back, driving across PA both times, I don't think it's something that's going to be an issue if you are just moving through to get to the next state. I'm not sure where they would have encountered problems? We were never stopped, beyond our own volition to get gas, food, bathroom breaks. If you obey all traffic laws so you're not stopped, I'm not sure how they would find said hedgehog otherwise?

sklock65 03-12-2013 03:20 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
I'm not sure this would be at all applicable to PA but my boyfriend and I were just talking about this topic today. I was wondering what his thoughts were if we had hedgie with us in the car in CA or AZ because (all hypothetical!) I could not imagine how we would be caught with him. As mentioned there does not seem to be much posted about this other than state laws that I have read vaguely stating they are not legal to have...not necessarily what would be done about it. Anyways it was my boyfriend who brought up the point that there are agricultural check points here on the west coast and that would certainly pose potential of the car being searched especially if a pet carrier is spotted and you are asked what is in it. Also...these are not necessarily located right at the state line so by the time you could potentially be caught you would be well into state.

Like I said this PROBABLY does not apply for PA but in case other west coasters are reading along I figured I would just put the theory out there.

Personally it would make me nervous even just taking the chance on it.

Kizzynicole 03-12-2013 03:30 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
I guess there are multiple ways to draw attention on a trip and although I would hope none would happen but they could. People get pulled over for headlights out and other silly things and then there are mechanical problems (flat tire, engine troubles, etc.). Plus I would most likely be obvious since along with a hedgie I would also have a cat, hermit crabs, frogs, and a jungle of plants in the car with me. Maybe my view would be obstructed and I would get nabbed for that who knows, these are hypothetical situations but all possible. If PA is still very strict (or other places for others information) it would be nice to know! PA could have checkpoints too due to hunting in the mountains I'm not sure I don't know how often the DNR or Fish and Wildlife would do that there if at all. :?

sklock65 03-12-2013 03:52 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
Sorry to burst your bubble! I get a little paranoid thinking about all the possibilities too. But better to be able to make an informed decision as opposed to taking that risk. I'm so curious to hear if anyone actual has first hand experience with this.

Props to you for wanting to learn more all in your hedgie's best interest :)

alexvdl 03-12-2013 05:38 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
Some states require two license plates. Other states one. If you are from a one license plate state like South Carolina and drive through a two like Connecticut, you could probably get pulled over, but I've never heard it happen.

Christemo 03-12-2013 08:52 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
PA is still very strict, and yes, during certain seasons and areas they do have stops to make sure you don't have any hunted animals/illegal animals/etc.
I'm just south of Gettysburg in MD and usually at the beginning of a hunting season they have areas to check your cars, but that's only in the back woods areas.

RondackHiker 03-12-2013 09:36 AM

Re: Moving and Penn Legality
Hmm. So those who avoid driving through illegal states, I have a question for you.

We're moving soon. We find out where Friday. There's a chance that when we move we'll be driving through PA.

Would it be worse to add the three hours of drive time to go around PA (the route to western NY would actually add more like six) or to risk being stopped?

FTR, I've driven through PA numerous times and never seen a stop on the highways. I'd imagine back roads would have stops, but I cannot see them stopping cars on highways or toll roads. I wouldn't be taking her in rest stops-- our lab will be in the car and it will be June. We don't leave him alone inthe car, so we'd alternate trips inside.

Honestly, I'll likely risk it. Adding that many hours of travel and stress doesn't seem worth it. The dog an toddler don't travel well and I have never been pulled over. Knarla will be in fleece in a carrier, not visible. Is it a risk? Yes. But so is adding extra travel time to the dog, kid, and Knarla.

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