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Default Re: Hedgie Not Gaining Weight?

It's possible he may just be on the smaller side. Try to take some pictures of him. Best would be from the sides and directly from above, looking down at him. Then we can get a good look at his shape.

It really depends on what your store has available. Is it a small town store? Smaller town stores tend to have brands like Performatrin, Natural Balance, Kats n Flocken, etc etc. The best you can do is go to the store and actually look at every single food they have and look at both the nutritional analysis and the ingredients. You're probably going to want something in the 18%+ fat range. You may actually need to add in a kitten food as well. Also, if you are feeding a lower fat diet, look for the normal adult ones. Those tend to be in the 16-18% range.

If in doubt(and the store is easy to get to for you), go to the store with a camera(most phones have cameras nowadays) and take pictures of the foods that look promising to you. Just take a pic of their analysis and ingredients(so you don't have to write them down by hand), and post here again asking for advice.
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